Premium Cat Furniture Facts

Important Reading: All Feline Furniture Is NOT Created Equal!

Proudly Made In The USA
Cat Fancy Award Winner

Spoil My Kitty™ understands that purchasing cat furniture can be an overwhelming task when considering all the choices and requirements involved. We also understand that there are several types of feline fanciers with varying needs and wants. With this in mind, we enjoy offering the most demanding customers our premium cat furniture series, which we believe is the best money can buy!

Fact:  Often imitated but NEVER duplicated!  Our modular cat furniture has been manufactured under the world's original patented build a kit system for over 40 years! Featuring old-world craftsmanship that hints back to the “Black Forest Of Germany”, these fine pieces of cat furniture far exceed the quality of products costing twice their purchase price.  All parts are replaceable so You'll Never need to buy cat furniture again! 

Since 1975 we've been producing the standard of cat furniture excellence that everyone else strives to obtain. If your Kitty enjoys 9 lives, these premium pieces of cat furniture will be there for all of them, and then some! This line of cat furniture is extremely well built, stable, attractive, and comes with an unconditional 2 year factory direct warranty even on the sisal covering our posts!

The Ultimate Feline Furniture For All Cat Owners & Catteries

Our line of premium cat furniture has been the first choice for countless large breed cattery's and owners from around the world for over 40 years! Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, Savannah, Rag Doll, Bengal, and many other large breed owners/breeders demand the best. Whether your kitty has the potential to weigh 25+ pounds or just 5 pounds, this is the cat furniture you are looking for!

Our Premium Cat Furniture Models Feature Things Like:

- Shipped Directly To Your Door Ready For Easy Assembly
- Indestructible 5" Diameter 100% Natural Sisal Wrapped Posts
- Welded Steel Frame Sleepers & Hammocks
- Zippered & Removable Washable Sleeper/Hammock Covers
- Huge Kitty Lounging Trays With 4" Lips
- Spacious Oversized Tunnels And Crawl Tubes
- Heavy Duty 2" Thick Tip-Proof Standard Base Plates
- Premium Cover Materials In Several Colors (Not Cheap Carpet)
- All Parts Are Replaceable (No Need To Buy Another Cat Tree Ever Again!)
- 2 Year Warranty Including The Sisal Wrapping On The Posts