Cat Furniture Safety And Construction Facts:

Furniture Construction Safety

IMPORTANT READING: All Cat Furniture, Climbers, Condos, Trees, & Scratching Posts Are NOT Created Equal!

Spoil My Kitty™ understands that purchasing cat furniture can be overwhelming when considering all the choices and requirements you may have. We also understand that there are several types of feline fanciers with varying needs and wants. Keeping this in mind, we enjoy offering the most demanding customers our premium cat furniture series. We believe this is the best cat furniture money can buy! 

PLEASE DO NOT: Purchase cat scratching posts and cat furniture that are covered with regular household carpet! Why? Because you cannot expect your kitty to distinguish the difference between the carpet they are allowed to attack, and the carpet on your floors you want them to leave alone. Most carpets are constructed in a pile or cut loop, and your cat's claws can easily become snagged and damaged.  This unraveling often creates an even more dangerous, and potentially fatal condition!  Please read and understand the following paragraphs closely.

Very Important:  Have you ever noticed how regular household carpet unravels when torn or shredded, resulting in long nylon threads being exposed?  What can happen if your beloved feline friend decides to chew and swallow those long threads of nylon? Danger:  Movement of the small intestine can cause 'bunching up' on these threads much like an accordion. With continued waves of movement across this area, the thread becomes tighter and cuts through the wall of the intestine, often in several places. This results in peritonitis (inflammation of the thin lining of the abdominal cavity) where the intestinal contents leak into the abdomen.

Cats with linear foreign bodies almost always need surgery to take out the string. This surgery is often seen as an emergency. The prognosis for recovery from surgery depends on what the cat ate, how long ago, and whether or not the intestines are damaged.  Cats who have eaten strings or ribbon once are likely to do it again. If you know your cat likes to eat these kinds of things, you should keep an extra close eye on them.

Moreover, many carpets still contain formaldehyde which is very poisonous to all living creatures! Staples, did we mention the staples used to secure the carpet?  Cutting corners is not worth the risk, is it?

Since covering cat furniture with regular household carpeting and metal staples never made good sense, why do so many other manufacturers still do it?  In A Nutshell:  It's Easy To Come By And Very Profitable For Them!

Don't Panic:  We're not suggesting you run and throw out all your carpeted cat furniture in the garbage immediately.  We want you to be well informed, on the lookout for potential problems should they arise, while understanding there is a better, safer alternative available.  

Carpeted Construction

Premium Construction

PLEASE DO: Shop wisely even if you don't purchase cat furniture from SpoilMyKitty.Com!

Over the past several years, the market has been flooded with cheap import and fly by night manufacturers.  The import cat furniture may seem like a great opportunity to buy cheaper, but you get what you pay for.  Cheaper imported furniture simply cannot hold up to constant abuse from your kitty the way our furniture does.  This isn't a problem if you enjoy buying a new unit every 2-3 years, (But Who really does that?).  In many cases our standard base alone weighs more than an entire imported Chinese unit!

SpoilMyKitty.Com cares about our customers and their animals much more than a quick profit.  Our cat furniture is constructed with nontoxic adhesives, 100% naturally dried sisal, welded metal framed sleepers and hammocks, industrial grade cabinet and gaming machine 2" MDF composites, top quality fabrics that will not unravel, and NO dangerous Staples!

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Fact:  Often imitated but NEVER duplicated - Our modular cat furniture has been manufactured under the world's original patented "build a kit system" for over 40 years! Featuring old-world craftsmanship that hints back to the “Black Forest Of Germany”, these fine pieces of cat furniture far exceed the quality of products costing twice the price.  All parts are interchangeable and replaceable, so you will never need to buy another piece of cat furniture again!  You can start small and expand our units into room filling wonderlands of fun for your cats.  We also enjoy building custom design units up to 12 feet tall, and we are always here to help you.  Just contact us, so we can make your dream a reality!

Since 1975: we've been producing the standard of cat furniture excellence everyone strives to obtain. If your Kitty enjoys 9 lives, these premium pieces of cat furniture will be there for all of them! Our line of cat furniture is extremely well built, stable, attractive, and comes with an unconditional 2 year factory direct warranty, even on the sisal scratching posts -
An Industry Exclusive!

The Ultimate Feline Furniture For All Cat Owners:
For over 40 years, our line of premium cat furniture, cat trees, condos, and climbing posts have been the first choice for countless kitty owners from around the world! Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, Savannah, Rag Doll, Bengal, and many other large breed owners/breeders demand the best. Whether your kitty has the potential to weigh 25+ pounds, or a delicate 5 pounds, this is the cat furniture you are looking for! 

Our Premium Cat Furniture Models Include Features Like:

  • Each Unit Is Handcrafted And Custom Built When You Order
  • Shipping Direct To Your Door Ready For Easy Assembly
  • Indestructible 5" Diameter 100% Natural Sisal High Torque Wrapped Posts
  • Welded Steel Frame Sleepers & Hammocks (Nobody Does This)
  • Zippered Removable/Replaceable & Washable Sleeper/Hammock Covers
  • Huge Kitty Lounging Trays & Boxes With 4" Lips
  • Spacious, Oversized Condos, Tunnels, And Crawl Tubes
  • Heavy Duty 2" Thick Tip-Proof Standard 19"x19" Base Plates
  • Premium Cover Materials In Several Colors (Not Cheap Carpet)
  • All Parts Are Replaceable And Expandable (No Need To Buy Another Cat Tree Ever Again!)
  • 2 Year Warranty Including The Sisal Wrapping On The Posts

Construction & Covering Materials:

We do not use materials that resemble household items such as carpets or upholstery to cover our products. Our products are covered with the latest state-of-the-art faux materials designed especially for long lasting cat furniture. We use only the highest grade slick (washable) sliver velour (faux fur/faux fleece) fabric for our covering materials.

Your cats will feel more comfortable playing on our cat trees because these unique coverings feel and look different from the regular carpet in your home. Once your kitty gets acquainted with our cat furniture, they normally do not claw on your home carpet or furniture ever again!

Note: If you're looking for cat furniture covered with traditional household carpeting, you will not find it on SpoilMyKitty.Com!

All of our Vertical Posts Are high torque machine Sisal Wrapped: Sisal rope is a wonderful scratching surface for cats because it is extremely durable. Sisal is a natural fiber and comes in many different sizes, colors and twists. High torque, pre-dried 3/8" rope is by far the best choice for your cat.

Common Post

 Our Post

Our products are built with your kitty in mind from the very first step of the process! Why should a sisal post be an additional cost and option in the final purchase step? All of our cat furniture comes standard with our 5" diameter high torque machine wrapped sisal scratching posts at no additional cost!

Protect your home furnishings and carpet while giving your special friends a place they will come to enjoy for years! Smartly placed and designed cat furniture can save you thousands in home repair, not to mention how much your kitty will appreciate you for spoiling them a little more!

Momma And Baby Enjoying Their Aristocat

We hope you found the information included in this article helpful in your quest to locate the perfect cat furniture for your kitty!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime!

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