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When I first ordered from you in 2005, we had 1 kitten. We now have 5 cats. I like that Amazonia, the cats/kittens love the Hammocks -- it has two. Plus seven levels to climb.

I already have the Himalaya, Mont Blanc, Alexander, and Aristocat. My husband asked where will we place the Amazonia??? Perhaps we can trade off one now and then. You know how cats like new stuff !!!

By the way, since I had 4 condos from you, I ordered 1 from Chewy's website, real cute design . . . . no cat would go near it. Later I determined that it had a scent from the dyes. (Eventually the scent wore off.) My husband and I like that your premium products are made in the USA. Hard to find businesses like yours.

Keep up the good work.
Carol S.

SpoilMyKitty ROCKS!

After talking to Neil several times on the phone, we decided to go with their premium cat furniture models. Neil took the time to explain to us the difference in what you can expect, and what you get for your dollar. He could NOT have been more correct!

Just days before we had decided to purchase one of the other cat trees from another websites that sell this stuff. Neil explained that you get what you pay for just like anything else. He assured us that the imported models are okay, but that they would only last 1-2 years depending on how active our cats were. We did not have a ton of money to spend, but we wanted our babies to have something that would last and not cost us more down the road.

Boy, was he correct! Their premium units blow anything we have ever seen in the local pet stores away...these things are built like TANKS! The posts are about the size of telephone poles, and our 4 cats LOVE this thing! They rip from top to bottoms with claws screaming and have not put a single fray on a post yet!

Cloe, Felix, Boot, and Stew love your stuff Neil!

Thanks Again...

Sheila Albertson, a very satisfied customer ;)

Hello Neil,

I wanted to thank you for your excellent service and product support. Not only did you design a tree to fit my active cats and old house, you also walked me through the setup which took about an hour on the phone.

The cats love the new tree especially the custom high bed. The fabric is exceptional as promised and I could not be happier with the tree. I am so glad I purchased a custom premium cat tree. Thank you for being there when I needed you.

Anita a satisfied customer!

Custom Himalaya Cat Furniture Tower
             Custom 9 Foot Himalaya + Extra Sleeper


I want to say that dealing with your company was not only stress free but the quality of your cat scratch tower was well above what id expected. The price was better than I could find anywhere. Thank you for running a tight ship and being a honest internet business.

Thank you!

Janet and Kitty Norris


I just wanted to let you know that our package arrived yesterday. We opened it up and put it together last night and laced it with catnip. The kitties are loving it. It's even big enough and sturdy enough to accommodate our fourteen pound Chester. Love it, love it, love it.

Thanks for all your help!

Meredith C

Steps to Fun:

Definition of Cat Radar; something that emerges when a package arrives in your home and the contents are for kitties pleasure. Before the box is even opened, cats suddenly merge out of the shadows. Their radars up they sense something just for them has arrived.

When the package from Spoil My arrived, I set it on the floor momentarily. Before I could even lift it to the table, five cats were present. Matuse climbed to the top of the box and was busy swiping at any feline who dared to challenge him. Oliver was performing his all-over sniff test, while Prowler, Tipster and Bently were circling the box, waiting for it to pounce on them.

I dislodged Matuse and pulled the contents out. There were thirteen pieces provided, not including the hardware. In less than ten minutes, following one sheet of simple illustrated instructions, the unit was assembled. The only tool needed, was provided by Spoil My, an Allen wrench. The cats carefully supervised me during the entire procedure.


Love Your Products!

I just wanted to write and say that we love your products, the cats towers (yes we have now bought two from you guys) are wonderful, well built and reasonably priced. There is no good reason for someone with a cat not to have one of these towers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.



Thank you so much.

In a time when customer service is close to dead, dealing with you is very refreshing. We so appreciate your concern and action. We will be back as repeat customers and I'll definitely refer people to your site.

Colleen B., SPHR

Dear Spoil My Kitty,

You guys are the best! I was very concerned about ordering such a large item over the internet, until I talked to Neil about my order. The custom Mont Blanc and Magic Kingdom you made for us are amazing! I've never dealt with someone as understanding and helpful as you have been in my life!

We raise Norwegian Forest Cats...and your premium furniture is a blessing from above! It's nothing unusual to have 7 large breeders laying on multiple levels of your Mont Blanc and Magic Kingdom, while I vacuum the top level without it moving (that's almost 200 pounds of kitties)!

Thank You Very Much!!!  Every Breeder I Know Has Been Told About Your Wonderful Premium Products ;)

K Gumm

Dear SpoilMyKitty.Com,

We have three cats, 1 young and 2 old, and all three are able to climb and sleep on the Provence. The open design and color makes the cat tree almost invisible in our home. We love the sisal rope columns and the fact each piece is washable and replaceable. No more throwing out the cat tree- just replace parts. Excellent. Highly recommended.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

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