About SpoilMyKitty.Com

All About SpoilMyKitty.Com: Our Story And Mission:

SpoilMyKitty.Com was started as a labor of love for feline lovers, by feline lovers! Our mission is to bring high quality feline products from around the world to consumers at the lowest prices available, while providing unmatched customer service.

Many years ago we discovered a type of cat furniture made in the U.S.A. that is practically indestructible, non-toxic, uniquely beautiful, and our rescues absolutely would not stay off of it.  Intrigued by the construction process, we contacted the builder, and the rest is history.  We agreed to partner, market, and promote these outstanding products, and we have not looked back.  We are proud to offer the most demanding owners and kitties our premium line of furniture.  You will more than likely never buy another piece of cat furniture again once you own one of these!

The majority of proceeds generated by Spoil My Kitty are used to caretake and find homes for abused/abandoned felines in the local community. Owner Neil Haggard is involved in exotic feline rescue, the former Vice President of TSCO (The Serval Conservation Organization), and has almost 30 yrs. experience in the field of exotic feline husbandry.

How We Came To Be: In the fall of 1992 our family purchased rural property in the "Bluegrass" state of Kentucky. Little did we know that it would change our lives forever! Shortly after settling in with our 2 spoiled domestic cats (and 1 not so domestic), we began to notice several of the neighbor's cats (Or So We Thought) dropping by to say hello. That very next spring the reality hit us, "These cats are not our neighbors, they belong to no one and are living on our property!".

Then it happened...females began having babies and their babies started having babies. The next thing we knew, we had a full-blown feral cat population that claimed our property as their home. At times we had as many as 20 kittens with more on the way and no end in sight. Something had to be done quickly for everyone's sake, including the felines involved.

With help from the local veterinarians, and long hours befriending the breeders of the population, we began adopting out kittens while spaying and neutering the group by the dozens. One glorious July day we actually placed 9 kittens in 9 different loving homes with the help of the local paper. During that period, we placed well over 50 kittens and cats in loving homes. Finally, we had the population under control and life was back to normal, or so we thought!?!

Problem Solved???...NOT!

No sooner had we caught our breath from the first round, then suddenly more pregnant females started showing up begging for attention. "These cats have to belong to someone because they are tame and come right up and love on people", I thought.

Then, it became all too apparent after finding 3 kittens (Malcolm, Pumpkin & Elvira) in a Clorox Bleach box on the roadside backing our land. The root of the problem from the start had been our lovely wooded property near the edge of the county. We now owned what for years had been the area's favorite drop-off place for cats and kittens when owners no longer wanted, or could care for them....Meeeeeeoooooooouuuuuchhhhh!

Through word of mouth and constant patrol of our land, we have been able to nip the problem in the bud somewhat. However, this was not before allowing ourselves to become hopelessly involved in the lives of some very special need and spoiled kitties. We currently have 9 spoiled kitty rescues that we care for and love on a daily basis, and have cared for as many as 23 at one time.


There you have our story in a nutshell. Like they say, " If you can't beat them...join them!" Our friendly staff of professional kitties and humans are always here to help you, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We hope you enjoyed this condensed version of our story as much as we enjoy telling it!

NOTE: Please visit our friend Sister Mary Winifred's site for more inspirational stories about feline rescue, and consider purchasing her book "The Cat's Of Sanctuary House". Sister Mary is a published author and contributor to such magazines as "Cats & Kittens", and many more.